3Shape Orthodontic

Digital Solutions for Orthodontic

There are plenty of reasons to say yes to 3D scanners and a digital workflow. Creating digital study models from gypsum models or impressions, saving storage space, the predictability and accuracy in CAD designed appliances are just a few.


Digital Study Models

Orthodontic analysis services

Take advantage of easy to use and customizable case analysis software.

Treatment planning services

Seamlessly share treatment proposals including bracket placement with orthodontists.

Complete CAD/CAM workflows

Take advantage of CAD appliance design for design optimization and flexible manufacturing options via open file output formats.

Digital models

Create study models from intraoral and desktop scans

  • Provide digital model services.
  • Virtually debond brackets.
  • Avoid model contamination.
  • Receive digital impressions directly.

Ortho Analyzer™ – Analysis

Precision digital analysis services

  • Merge CT/CBCT data, scans, x-ray panoramics, cephalometric tracings and photos with digital study models.
  • 2D and 3D toolkit for analysis of arc shapes, overjet/overbite, Bolton ratios, occlusion and spaces.
  • Easy to use tools and wizards help you provide, and save analysis processes tailored to customers’ needs.

Ortho Analyzer™ – Treatment Planning

Define and simulate tooth movements

  • Accurately place brackets on the virtual models.
  • Optimize occlusion in real time with virtual articulators.
  • Simulate treatments including extractions, interproximal reductions, constraints and full tooth movement details.


Appliance Designer™ creates standard file formats to enable you to send designs to the CAM machine of your choice.

Take advantage of proprietary orthodontic appliance toolbox

Auto-templates and design inspection tools ensure efficiency and predictability.

Provide indirect bonding services

Deliver perfect-fit appliances to your customers


Create clear aligners, night guards, retainers, customized bands, splints, surgical bites, palatal expanders, bionators, twin blocks, Herbst appliances, planas tracks and more in Appliance Designer™.

Export modified master models

Manufacture on machines and materials of your choice

Identify the right material for the right appliance

Full integration with all 3Shape digital dental solutions